About Us


RALUCCA is an eclectic jewelry and home decor brand that redefines the notion of adornment. Distinctive through its unique designs and excellent craftsmanship, RALUCCA resurfaces the use of primordial techniques, creating soulful pieces with a timeless flair. Difficult to associate with any particular style, these joyful art pieces are designed to delight your senses and reconnect you to a forgotten era.

The story of RALUCCA began in 2005 when the designer Raluca Ostasz started her jewelry design exploration in the diamond industry in Chicago. Trained as an architect, Raluca developed a refined eye for good design, craftsmanship and style; all attributes that are the essential seeds for what RALUCCA is today.
RALUCCA is the emergence of architecture, jewelry design and interior design. Our belief is that more attention and beauty can be brought to the things that we interact with every day.

RALUCCA Jewelry gathers elements that are either found in nature, or creative expressions, turning them into pieces of wearable adornment with heart and soul. With the intention of creating a bridge between people and nature, Ralucca translates the uniqueness found in people into jewelry pieces. Making them part of the everyday experience, they become a personal token, a true expression of who we are, and our tie with nature.

RALUCCA’s Home Decor is a way of projecting things with charm into the physical environment of our modern times. There’s no reason why even a pillow could not be a timeless piece. With the intention of bringing in the same excitement, every piece is well considered, envisioned, ready to delight and tell a story of its own. RALUCCA’s patterns find their inspiration in journeys across the world. Like a magic alchemy, RALUCCA reinvents a simple piece of interior decor, transforming it into a source of emotion. Every piece has a soul; intended to reconnect their owner with the hidden layers of the past, present and future.
Whether it’s a jewelry piece or a decorative pillow, you are sure to find the one that makes your heart sing.